Why Choose Us

It’s Easy to Go Solar with Amerisun

Whether you’re interested in solar, roofing or service, Amerisun is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience every time. For you, this means we consistently deliver the best service, the best equipment, the best installation, the best value and the best return on investment to our customers.
It’s just good business and it’s what sets us apart from all the rest. You’ll experience the difference for yourself.

Top Quality Solar PV Panels

The solar panels we install lead the industry in efficiency, durability, aesthetics, warranty and more. We carefully select our solar technology to ensure the best long-term value and longevity for our customers.
If we wouldn’t install it on our own home or business, it won’t go on yours.

High Quality Experience

Since 2000, we’ve built our reputation on providing a better solar and roofing experience. Our roofing and solar technicians go above and beyond to ensure you get the service you deserve.
We keep in touch every step of the way offering efficient, friendly and hassle-free service from the moment you contact us to the time we flip the switch on your savings.

Beautiful Installations

The best product deserves the best installation, with a workmanship warranty that allows you to rest easy knowing your system and roof are in good hands.
Amerisun has the most nationally certified installers and solar advisors in California. Our experienced technicians know how to design and install beautiful solar panels that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

Our Company Divide

Percentage of our jobs by trade

With 20 years of experience , Amerisun has built a solid reputation for providing customers with quality Solar, Roofing, and HVAC.

Solar 45%
Roofing 40%
HVAC 15%

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